How Often Should You Blow Dry Your Hair? 

Blow drying can make your hair look sleek and shiny, resulting in fewer knots and an overall professional look. However, depending on how often you go to the salon to get a blow dry in Sherman Oaks, CA, blow drying can damage hair over time by breaking down the cuticles that cover the strands of your hair. These cuticles help maintain moisture, so when those cuticles are burnt off by the heat of a blow dryer, that protection gets lost and it results in brittle, damaged hair. Blow drying, however, can sometimes be necessary, especially if you have a hairstyle that requires constant grooming and maintenance. Some tips on how to blow dry hair include:

Using an Ionic Dryer – Ionic dryers are made to be gentle on the hair while reducing the amount of time it takes to dry your hair. Ionic dryers emit negative ions that counteract with the positive ions present in water, causing the water to evaporate at a much faster time. 

Applying a Heat Protectant – Heat protectants reduce heat damage through a combination of ingredients that smooth the cuticles down to prevent moisture from escaping and help fend off frizz. 

Keep the Nozzle Away From the Hair – Blow drying your hair at a longer distance can help keep the heat from damaging your hair because the closer the nozzle is to your hair, the more quickly it will become damaged. Professionals who blow dry in Sherman Oaks, CA will recommend this technique, especially in a salon setting, as it helps ease their client’s comfort level and helps dry their hair more efficiently. 

Use The Low Heat Setting – Low heat settings allow less heat to blow into your hair and help prevent damage. While it may take longer for the hair to dry, using the lowest heat setting available on the blow dryer will result in long-lasting results at the end of the day. In the warmer climates, getting a blow dry in Sherman Oaks, CA can make your hair stunning and beautiful for the time being, but doing it too often will cause your hair to get damaged, especially in combination with the warm, dry heat waves. 

Where Can I Get A Blow Dry in Sherman Oaks, CA? 

Primo Salon has stylists available that know the best ways to blow dry hair without causing discomfort and damage. Using only ionic dryers and heat protectants for our clients, you’ll be able to experience a clean, fresh blow dry in Sherman Oaks, CA that’s sure to please. With professionals that have some of the highest education and experience that master stylists can get, Primo Salon will be able to blow dry your hair in less than thirty minutes while keeping your hair soft, sleek, and healthy throughout the entire day. No matter what hair texture or style you have, our wide selection of master stylists will treat you right and leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on the day.