Blow Dry

Blow Dry

What is Primo Salon?

Situated in Sherman Oaks, California, US, Primo Salon are a beauty parlor and home to a team of specially trained beauticians for both hair and makeup. They particularly specialize in hair services and their team of highly qualified professionals offers the best service money can buy Blow dry.

Special Hair Services

Blow dry, depending on the haircut one has, can be a necessity. The problem lies in the fact that it can be damaging to one’s hair, especially if done in excess. However, since it must be done, it is best to have it done through the help of professionals, who are well-versed and experienced in the process.

Primo Salon offers such services. Their highly skilled team is an expert in safe blow dry and not only does it in the safest possible method but also enlightens one about the highs and lows of the process. Certain things regarding blow dry to keep in mind are using an ionic dryer, ensuring that the nozzle of the dryer is away from the hair, applying a heat protectant and using low heat.

Blow Dry

Importance of the Guidelines

Ionic dryers are not only gentle but also dry hair faster. This is due to the presence of negative ions that counteract with the positive ions of the water and as a result, the blow dry causes hair to dry quicker.

Intense heat can damage hair; therefore, heat needs to be kept under control during blow dry. Too much heat can cause burns and if done for an extended period of time, it can damage the cuticles of hair which maintain moisture and carry out protection. If the cuticles are damaged, the resultant hair is dry and rough. Hence, low heat is important. It might take longer to dry, but it is worth it.

For the same reason stated earlier, the dryer nozzle needs to be further away. The closer the nozzle is, the greater the intensity of the heat. Therefore, to prevent the cuticles from being destroyed, the nozzle should be kept at a safe distance during blow dry.

The need for applying a heat protectant is obvious – to prevent hair damage with excess heat. Heat protectants smoothen out hair cuticles to prevent the moisture from escaping and leaving the hair frizzy.

Haircut, Styling, And Makeup

Apart from blow dry, the salon offers a multitude of other services such as makeup, haircutting, and hairstyling. They have a wide variety of options to choose from and provide service for any occasion. Special appointments for weddings are also made whereby their team of experts cater to the needs of the bride in the best possible way.

Blow Dry

Blow Dry

Why Choose Primo Salon

Primo Salon caters to both men and women. Furthermore, their prices are determined upon consultation which is done beforehand thereby offering a customer a good degree of control. They also offer special discounts to certain age groups and offer a highly satisfying beauty and self-care experience, with their luxurious parlor. Apart from this, they guarantee a safe and healthy experience during delicate processes such as a blow dry.



About Primo Salon

Primo Salon is a beauty salon and spa situated in Sherman Oaks, California. They specialize in makeup, haircut, and other self-care services and have an incredible team of highly qualified professionals who provide the best possible service.

Haircut Services


This salon offers a wide variety of services to choose from, from makeup to nails to the haircut. Their team of experienced specialists not only provide cutting services but also guidelines as to what haircut would suit a certain type of facial bone structure well. For instance, with oval faces, layered, wavy or straight work best, with long faces longer styles are more suitable and with relatively round faces, bobs and side-swept bangs work very well. As such, depending on the kind of face you have, you get the appropriate haircut service.

The salon also offers stunning hairstyle and hair color services – styles for weddings, parties, any formal event. With a slew of options to choose from, and with cooperation with the stylist, the customer is able to have great control over what they want, and in the presence of an expert, their vision is brought to life. They have specialized wedding services for hair and offer the best they have to prepare one for their big day.

Further Hair Services

Besides haircut and hairstyling, blow-drying services as offered as well. Blow-dry always holds a sort of fear with itself as to whether it may or may not damage one’s hair and here is where the salon solves one’s dilemmas. The specialists of the salon know the techniques and methods to dry hair in a way the remaining completely healthy. Apart from the skill they offer, they also impart helpful knowledge regarding blow-drying hair. Some important pointers to maintain in mind are: do not blow dry, overly frequently, usage of an ionic dryer, application of a heat protectant, drying from further away and usage of low heat setting. If one does not have the required products or is having too much trouble by themselves, fortunately, Primo Salon is the solution. They are equipped with everything needed for a safe and healthy blow dry. At times, a haircut makes it necessary to have the hair blow-dried and so it is best to have professionals do it for a person.



Makeup Services

Haircut and styling aside, the salon specializes in makeup look as well. Whether if it’s for a wedding, a formal event or simple if one feels like it – because why not – the makeup artists of this salon offer whatever one requires, be it a natural look, a glam look or whatnot. Rest assured that the salon is extremely particular about the products it uses as well as the hygiene they require. Only the best, tried and true products are applied to one’s face.

Why Should I Choose Primo Salon?

There is a multitude of reasons to choose this salon. Be it a haircut, makeup or styling, Primo Salon can do it for one at a reasonable cost and time. One can find them in Sherman Oaks, California or have an appointment made.