What Kind of Haircut Should I Get? 

The shape of your face plays a key role in how a haircut in Sherman Oaks, CA would look, especially if you’re thinking about getting a certain haircut but aren’t sure how it would look with your face type. Depending on the type of face shape you have, a bob cut, for instance, may not necessarily look good because it could detract from your features or enhance features of your face that you don’t like. To determine what your face shape is, it’s important to notice how your jawline is shaped, how your cheekbones stand out, and whether or not your temples stand out. 

  • Oval face shapes

    typically have the most versatility due to the softness of its features. From short, pixie cuts to layered shags, oval faces have hairstyles that are layered, strong cut, wavy, or straight. 

  • Long-shaped faces

    taper towards the chin and many of the angles of the face are less present, working with longer hairstyles the best. 

  • Rounder faces

    have the face width and length almost at the same measurements, working best with long bobs and side swept bangs. 

  • Square shapes

     with strong jawlines and cheekbones, work best with haircuts that elongate the face, such as whispy fringes and long bangs. 

  • Heart shapes

    tend to have pointy chins and tapered cheekbones but still have the fullness of a round face. They should work best with drawing attention to the cheekbones and eyes, such as short bobs with strong cut bangs. 

  • Diamond-shaped

     similar to the heart shape but has more elements of the elongated face. Should work with haircuts that aim to shorten the face while softening the features, such as lots of layers and wavy textures.

Short to long haircuts with layers and strong cutlines tend to be the most popular styles today. If you’re looking to change up the way your hair looks, where you get your haircut in Sherman Oaks, CA matters. Primo Salon works and caters to each individual client to ensure a satisfactory result.

Where Should I Get My Haircut in Sherman Oaks, CA? 

Primo Salon, hair salon in Sherman Oaks CA, has hair stylists that specialize in color correction, highlights, hair extensions, and precision cutting. No matter the haircut in Sherman Oaks, CA that you want, Primo Salon has both women and men’s styling and can help you determine how to achieve the perfect haircut. By working with textures of your hair, it’s current condition, and most importantly, the shape of your face Primo is able to give our clients exactly what they’re looking for. Primo Salon will be able to give you a haircut in Sherman Oaks, CA that’s sure to turn heads, have your friends asking you where you went, and make you feel beautiful inside and out. Come into Primo Salon today to receive the best quality haircut in Sherman Oaks, CA. Give your stylist some references, talk about the details of what you want, and we’ll be sure to make it happen.