What is An Ombre Hairstyle? 

Ombre is a term borrowed from the French, meaning “shading” or “shaded”. Ombre hairstyles tend to give people a look that’s darker at the roots through the mid-shaft of the hair and then gradually gets lighter at the ends. Ombre hairstyles in Sherman Oaks, CA are achieved through the balayage technique, free-painted onto the hair through small triangle sections on a board or foil to give it a natural transition.  A balayage, however, tend to have darker sections of the hair peeking out through the mid-section and ends of the hair to give the appearance of a sun-kissed look, while an ombre focuses more on sectioning to give the hair a color block look. 


What are the Benefits of an Ombre Hairstyle? 

Ombres have numerous benefits. It’s low maintenance for those looking for an ombre hairstyle in Sherman Oaks, CA that’s a bit different, but still manageable. Ombres, by nature, require very little upkeep, depending on how the client wants their ombre to look. For those who have transitioned from their natural color to a lighter shade, the look can easily be managed and allow them to stay trendy. Ombres help show off dimension, allowing the lighter parts of the ombre to show details of a person’s natural hair color that isn’t normally seen when the hair is just a single-shade. Ombres can also allow you to transition from an ombre to your natural hair in just a few months, and can easily be adapted with new colors and shade dimensions. It gives the illusion of youth, reversing some of the effects of aging and allows you to easily grow out your roots without much hassle. 


How To Care For an Ombre Hairstyle

An ombre hairstyle in Sherman Oaks, CA is easy to maintain. Here at Primo Salon, we offer the most professional care when it comes to our clients, and offer amazing ombre looks without costing you money. Here’s what our stylists suggest about caring for and maintaining your ombre look: 


Use a Purple Shampoo and Conditioner – Purple Shampoo helps to counteract the yellow brassy tones that usually come out of an ombre hairstyle in Sherman Oaks, CA, allowing the hair to have cooler tones throughout. If your hair is naturally in the cooler tones, then the purple shampoo will be able to eliminate the brassiness and keep your ombre ends lighter than ever. 


Use Less Hot Water – For those who are blondes, hot water opens up the follicles, making the ends softer. It can also cause the color to fade. Using room temperature water and rising to a cool water temperature can help keep color in, and help protect your hair from damage. 


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize –  Moisturizing your hair with a serum, coconut oil, and heat protectant can help protect your hair from damage and color loss. Protein masks once a week can also work, but with protein masks, if overused, can lose its effectiveness, causing the hair to not absorb the proteins. Use products containing natural oils, and avoid shampoos and conditioners that contain sulfates and silicones in the ingredients.


Where Can I Get An Ombre Hairstyle in Sherman Oaks, CA? 

At Primo Salon, our stylists know the balayage technique like the back of their hand and can give an ombre look like no other. Our ombre hairstyles in Sherman Oaks, CA are created with the client’s preference in mind, as we work with our customer’s hairstyle to achieve the perfect look for summer.